Commercial Services



Washing Well Laundry Service Center is fully equipped to complete any small or large size organization’s commercial laundry needs. Our prices are competitive and our services are top of the line.

Anytime spent thinking about your business cost you money. Why should you waste your time on dirty laundry? Let us worry about that while you spend time thinking about your business. Our large capacity washers and dryers can handle just about any job!

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  • Restaurants and Bars (linens, towels, aprons, chef coats and more)

  • Doctors office, Dental Clinics, Chiropractors, Veterinary clinics (Towels, linens, Lab coats and more)

  • Massage therapists, Beauty and Nail Salons (Towels, Smocks, and more)

  • Hotels and Motels (Sheets, towels, robes, and more)

We know your time is valuable. Let us save you time and money.